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Project Unlearn envisions to end violence and crime against women by creating a safe space for discussion with boys and young men.

The growing concern around violence against women in India

(based on National Family Health Survey- NFHS-4 report 2019)

  • 1 women died per hour in India because of Dowry.

  • 4 women were raped every hour in India.

  • Rape is the 4th most common crime against women.

  • 14 cases were registered under 'cruelty by husband' every hour in India.



Since the outbreak of COVID-19, emerging data and reports has exposed the fault lines of gender equality, with increase in the incidence of all types of violence against women and girls.

Delhi Police Data (2020)

  • 43% increase in the number of Rape cases reported

  • Cases of molestation have gone up to 39%

National Commission for Women (Report -2020 -2021)

  • Increase in Domestic Violence by 25%

  • Nearly 77 Rape cases were reported across India on an average everyday in 2020


Ending gender-based violence and crime by working
with young men in high-crime neighbourhoods and communities to dismantle negative gender-based
socialisations, harmful gender norms and rape culture to build a movement of empowered young leaders, who can create and deliver innovative
strategies. And create a ripple effect and contribute to the prevention of gender-based violence.

We challenge the attitudes, values and behaviours of men that harm their
well being and that of women around them. We encourage youth especially young men to become actively involved in preventing gender-based violence. We create a ripple effect by encouraging high crime communities/neighbourhoods to publicly speak and act to oppose gender-based violence. We develop and deliver creative, actionable and people-powered campaigns in the community that transform the systems.


is an initiative dedicated to working towards educating and sensitizing boys and young men in high crime neighborhoods and prisons through a contextually developed gender sensitization educational kit called ‘PEHAL’

  • Our fellows learn to identify and get deeper understanding of the root cause of social issue/realities which contributes to increasing violence against women.

  • Our fellows share experiences and support each other to attain the skill that takes to become a facilitators.

  • Our fellows further move forward and share their knowledge and experiences in the community and influence peers to become allies to end violence against women.


Ex- Offenders

Young male ex-offenders who were previously charged under crime against women or had a history of contributing to gender-based violence. However, they are on a path of reformation and aim to become change agents in their respective communities

Women Leaders

Women change-makers from the field of social sciences who possess experience and zeal to work towards attaining gender equity

We believe that roots of many gender-based violence lie in the social conditioning that has been in place for generations and therefore it is crucial to address these critical issues by taking at-risk youth on a journey that paves the way to a much-needed dialogues to help young men understand how their behaviour and roles perpetuate violence on women.

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Sensitizing young men to eradicate violence against women.

We work in disadvantaged /high crime neighborhoods and schools with at-risk youth to intervene before the crime occurs. 


We strive to empower the at-risk communities, high crime neighborhoods, and schools with a tailored and targeted curriculum to prevent youth from committing violence against women.

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Ending the vicious cycle of recidivism.

A study conducted in 2017, Tihar Jail No.5, in Delhi found 24% recidivism of crimes against women among incarcerated youth. 

We aim to reform the minds of young incarcerated youth with continuous workshops, discussions, and sessions to initiate a conversation on Gender-based violence

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About Pehal Tool kit

'Pehal' is a beginning, a beginning into a new way of looking at life, especially at gender-related violence and perception of young adults which can be used to meet the gaps of the existing societal and education system.
Pehal- An educational which is conceptualized and designed to educate beyond regular curriculum which ignores the core values and life skills.
A 90-day curriculum inclusive and inspired by inmates milieu, for ease of comprehension and maximum impact.



Project Unlearn has developed a context curriculum called ‘Pehal’  which believes in creating a safe space for youth at risk to initiate conversations that focus on crime against women, perhaps is a burning issue in our country. This curriculum is developed with the help of inmates of Tihar Jail No. 5, keeping their interests, needs and learning style


The curriculum consists of board games, playing cards, and activities that motivate youth to participate and engage in discussions on issues based on violence. Real-life incidents and cases are weaved into stories to make them more relatable. A lot of thought is put into the vocabulary used in the curriculum, for the beneficiary’s easy to understand and learning.



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