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I pledge to not forward, sexist jokes and memes on whatsapp and other social media.

What is a sexist humour: It’s the kind that “insults, stereotypes, victimizes, and/or objectifies a person on the basis of their gender.”

Why: because such jokes contribute to the culture of violence. It delegitimises and normalises sexual violence and makes it difficult for victims to speak up )


Try this: if a sexist joke/meme is being circulated 

i) don’t laugh, 

ii) call it out 

iii) ask them to explain it

iv) initiate a conversation and make everyone understand why you do not support sharing the same.



I pledge to obtain consent for both sexual and non sexual acts.

What is Consent : It is an agreement between participants to engage in any sexual or non sexual activity. It should be clearly and freely communicated.


Why: One should not not assume that people are okay with anything that is non sexual like physical touch- hugging, standing too close, hair ruffling, tickling, photography etc


Try This: If someone is sitting alone, it is always better to ask, “Hey, can I sit over here?” They might want to be alone.

Asking  “Can I hug you?” or “Are you a hugger?” , before hugging someone. Prefacing your question with a “You don’t have to talk about this if you don’t want” gives them the space to leave the conversation comfortably or stay of their own volition.



I pledge to ensure that I am not encroaching on personal space of other people in a public or a private setting.

What is a personal space:  “personal space” generally refers to the physical distance between two people in a social, family, or work environment. 


Why: At times, lack of respect for others physical space may cause discomfort as, such a practice invades others personal space


Try this: “Excuse me,” or, “May I pass through?” instead of touching their shoulders or waist without permission.

Never lean over someone else’s shoulder to read something unless invited.

Stand at least 4 feet away from a person unless you know him or her well



I pledge to become an active bystander.

What: An active bystander is someone who not only witnesses a situation, but takes steps to speak up or step in to keep a situation from escalating or to disrupt a problematic situation.

Why: If we choose to challenge unacceptable behaviour, we put pressure on people to re-think their behaviour. If such messages are constantly reinforced within our community, we can shift the boundaries of what is considered acceptable and problem behaviour can be stopped.

Try this: Assess the situation, educate yourself, ask how they are or if they would like help, 

You can help by documenting the incident or creating distractions to diffuse the situation. 

You can create a code word to signal the victim if they would like you to intervene.



I pledge to educate as many people on what it is meant to get and give consent.

What is Consent : It is an agreement between participants to engage in any sexual or non sexual activity. It should be clearly and freely communicated.

Why: Sensitising individuals about consent can help in creating a more accommodating world and prevent sexual violence.


Try this: Create a safe space and initiate a conversation with peers, family and friends. Affirm their choices and teach the importance of consent at a young age.

Teach your children bodily autonomy. Encourage the culture of asking for permission before showing physical affection. “Let’s ask Viay if he can hug him.

Teach individuals to respect the power of the word ‘No’.

How to take the Pledge?


Pick any pledge out of the five pledges and hold a conversation with your friends, family, community,cousins etc around the theme of the pledge. 


Record small snippets of your conversation on video. (You don't need to upload the video on social media. You just need to upload it on google form for us check if you have had a discussion)

STEP 3 (Most Important)

After the conversation, write down your pledge on a sheet of paper and hold the placaras given in the picture below. Click a picture of the group with the placard. 

TYCIA Pledge.jpg

STEP 4 (Most Important)

Go to Instagram and upload this picture. In the caption, share the experience of holding this conversation with group and share small anecdotes of how did they conversation go.  (Do this in first person. For eg - "As a part of my internship at @project.unlearn and @tyciafoundation, I held a discussion with my friends about (the pledge)". 


Nominate your friends to take the pledge as well by tagging them on the post. Those who agree to participate, send them the campaign page link and explain them the process. 


Post it on Instagram and Facebook and tag @project.unlearn and @tyciafoundation.  Use the hashtags #projectunlearn #tyciafoundation #NotMyHumour and other pledges #uniteforher #genderequality #consent #misogyny #genderawareness #endrapeculture


Fill up the Google Form given below. In the 'Share Your Experience" section of the form, copy the link of the instagram post and paste the link in the form field. Attach the recording of the conversation (Remember the video is just for us. You don't need to publish the video on social media)

Sample Pledge

TYCIA Pledge Sample.png
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